Tuesday, August 08, 2006

For once, I agree with Shepard Smith

At the end of a rerun of The Daily Show last night Jon showed a seen of Shepard Smith of Fox News complaining before a commercial break about how there's too much going on in the world to be worrying about Mel Gibson. And you know what, he's of course right. Not that Fox spends enough time on real issues as any clip from "Slow News Day" on The Daily Show can attest to. But since it's Fox News, I do feel in some way obliged to object to whatever comes out of Shepard Smith's mouth. So here's yet another rant on Mel Gibson:
This is what he said: "Fucking Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."
Then he asked if the cop arresting him was a Jew.
Now, I've been drunk in my life, more drunk that Mel was that night a few times actually. But the funny thing about alcohol is, all it does is make my ID come out, that little guy in my head that is my uncensored self. I've told girls I was too shy when I was sober to tell them they were hot, I even took a drag on a cigarette, ooooooh..... But I've never had an anti-semitic reaction to beer before. Not even to that He-Brew stuff. But apparently the media is helping Mel's PR firm play this off as an alcoholism problem. Alcohol made Mel Gibson say that he hated the Jews! If only he didn't drink there wouldn't be Passion of the Christ, he would have denounced his father's statements about the Holocaust never happening, and maybe he wouldn't have even built that secluded Catholic Church on his estate so he and others could practice pre-Vatican II Catholicism.
There's plenty of movies Mel's made over the years that I've enjoyed at least on some level and I do feel a little weird having to turn then channel when Payback comes on TNT now, but there's a reason I've decided to boycott anything Mel Gibson has to do with, and this incident only further proves what I'm doing is right so I ask anyone who reads this to join me in this boycott. No loss of money can stop him of course, but the point is greater than money, the point is greater than getting him to stop what he's doing, it's to recognize is ourselves that this is not allowed. This is not a world I sanction to allow into my life. I am and will always be grateful for living in a country that allows Mel Gibson to do and say as he pleases without harming anyone, but that just makes it our responsibility to stand up and not allow it to grow beyond his self.
I kinda feel like putting on some blue face paint and attacking his Mansion. Aaaaaaaarrrrgggg!


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous nick said...

I'm tired of extremes. Why can't we live in a country with more than two major political parties, like almost every other representative Western government. Why can't their be a Centrist Party, or a Moderate party, or something like that? I think you should start the Jaime Schwarz party, although I can't promise that I'd join, even though you are damn sexy. :)

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous nick said...

oops, this comment made more sense for your more recent post about Lieberman. Oh, and Mel Gibson is a Nazi. There, does that fit okay?

PS. What's Apocalyto about, anyway? I must admit, the prospect of seeing an entire movie in ancient Mayan dialect sounds intriguing, to me, at least. But he's still an anti-Semite. :)


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