Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wasting away in coldpizzaville

It's about 10 at night and I'm sitting in my cubicle cause we got handed a brand new brief at 11AM today for a presentation to a client tomorrow at 11AM. Yipdy freakin' dooo! Not too much to complain about it though, I even asked for this. I had a horrible case of Strep that turned into what looked like Mono and am now just back at work full time since Monday and what was the first thing out of my mouth to the ECD? "Ready for some 1AM night's boss, just let me know when. I'm rearin' to go!" Is it so wrong to ask for my karmic justice early for hardly working for two weeks and officially losing only 3 sick days? So here I sit with my poor AD (after finishing our cold delivery pizza) trying to figure out how to create a negative space sand castle of an apartment on the beach with absolutely NOTHING to work with.
And what do I want to talk about on this blog? Cable and Phone! Fucking cable and phone companies that suck the living life out of me for worrying, needlessly since it doesn't do anything, about when I'm going to be able to turn on the TV, check my email, and make a fucking phone call that won't charge me peak air-time minutes! We moved into our new Condo (leaving my old house of 25 years behind, tear, whimper, tear) with a promise from Verizon to have the phone on that same day and cable coming that Tuesday. The phone guys apparently decided not to show and Verizon gave no good reason why they didn't and promised to be there Monday at which point they promised that they rang the doorbell at exactly 10:09AM (which they didn't do because my mother swears she was there during that time) and said they'd come back on Thursday. Meanwhile the cable company sent a new kid out to see us (after I'd been on the phone with them the night before about how they promised a certain price but now where saying that they never said that or that whoever did say that was wrong) who found all our cable jacks to be just holes in the wall and discovered our working cable line in the attic (which was about 120 degrees at that point, poor kid) and that he needed access to our neighbor's attic to get the cable working which meant getting our neighbor's and the condo board's permission to get the cable running so our poor cable kid will be back on Tuesday to try again (excuse the run on but boy-oh-boy) We'll see what happens. Based on our previous experience with cable, I'm sure we've got a while to go.
I've just had a conversation with the studio about how to create a three dimensional sand castle of negative space out of a two dimensional floor plan, and you know what, we're going to try to do it tomorrow morning using LightPath (whatever that program is) and see if we can get it done before the 11AM deadline. Cheers to that.
And in case Bush didn't think I noticed... He did WHAT?! 62 Senators and a huge majority of Representatives passed the Stem Cell Research bill and Bush vetoed the fucker. THIS was his first veto. He's been in office 5 and a half years and THIS life saving bill that would help advance cures for everything from alzheimers to parkensins to broken bones, is what he chose to veto?! What the fuck is wrong with this guy?


At 6:31 AM, Blogger concha said...

sometimes i think you write these posts in one big breath.

At 1:21 AM, Anonymous who the fuck else said...

one huge breath of hot air....


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