Friday, May 26, 2006

Hey MA I'm in da paper!

If you get the New York Times, my first, albeit shitty, ad is on the bottom of page A19 today for Harvey Electronics. That's right, the first section baby!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brad Pitt, sexiest man alive 2040

I was just reading an article in the economist, yes concha, the economist as usual, and I read this article worrying that when the babbyboomers retire they'll all sell their stocks, cashing in to spend their non-working lives putting around golf courses in their million dollar mc-condos. The problem with a mass sell off like that is a massive devaluation of the stock market because there won't be enough people to buy up the stock at their current prices. But the article tried to assuage fears of course by talking about the rising tide of 3rd world countries into 1st world level economies able to buy up the stocks Americans won't. But their second pacifying tactic is what scared me the most, the hope of an ever older group of seniors. One man said with cancer probably being cured in most cases by 2020 and other advances in technology and care, the average age of death might well reach 120. With people not only living longer but working longer, they'll be able to keep society advancing skill wise. High School used to be all you needed to make it into middle management. Now it's college. But soon it will be grad school. I was in out out of ad school for 5 years after I graduated with a BA just to get this low paying job. The point being, the twixter generation, living at home, continuing their education into even our 30's means an aging entry level work force. What does that mean? Stability and adulthood comes later and humans grow at a much more advanced but slower pace. In other words 32 is the new 22. All of that is well and good, no problem with giving an ever advancing culture's youth more time to take in all it needs to learn. But evolution will not follow. It'll take 100,000 for our bodies to slow down to where our culture is. So women will still be menopausal in their 40's. And that's the part that's really going to change society. Of course it is the norm for younger woman to marry older men. I think the average has hovered around a 4 year difference. But now men won't be able or ready to marry till their much older due to the lengthening of young-adulthood. Yet women will be forced to marry younger than society wants them to if they want to have kids. So the teenagers of 2040 will swoon over a 65 year old Brad Pitt.
Is there another answer to this problem of men prolonging their barmitvahs while women are still forced to have theirs before Aunt Flow stops her visits?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hello Me it's Me again

You know after a show if you sit around long enough, maybe cause you're too high or drunk, maybe cause the crowd's so thick you're still waiting to leave and the stage is empty but you just kinda sit and stare at it. And then after a while a janitor or a roadie walks by to the microphone and he kind of builds up a little courage even though there's only like 5 people out of 50,000 that are still looking at the stage and he does his little show. I guess that's me now.
Sorry I've been away for so long, I guess most of us in our little blog circle have been bad keeping up as of late. Maybe life is moving on and leaving the blogs behind, who knows. But here I am again, at least for now, and here's the news.

Work is consuming my life. As I was hoping I guess. But now my childhood house of 25 year is for sale and we've got a buyer. The paperwork is supposed to be signed today. We've started paperwork ourselves on a 2 bedroom condo around Sleepy Hollow, yes THAT Sleepy Hollow, about 20 minutes away from where we are now. It's nice, it's kind of private, but it's just not home. And it really will never be home cause I'm gonna have to move into this city sooner or later and that'll be home from then on. So I've been missing my house even though I still live in it cause I only really get to take advantage of it on weekends.

Or at least now I get to take advantage of it on weekends because I may be employed now but I'm also single again. M'lady and I broke up on Easter. Xmas to Easter relationship, how very Jewish of us I know. It was just long enough to miss her but not long enough of a relationship to keep me down any long period of time. So it was quite a welcome excursion two Fridays ago when our CD decided to take all the ladies and himself, yes he's a guy, a La Jolla native, Louis Vuitton sandal wearing, guy, out for pedicures. And of course yours truly was dragged along. And rather enjoyed it. It wasn't the same as when bacon grease gave me that yellow toe painting years ago, but it was nice.

But last night was the doozy of all doozies that lead me to write again. Last night was my first focus group. An entire night of two sessions finding out from very affluent white men and women what they think of my electronic store ads. It can be summed up by what my Executive AE said during the fulcrum of the second session, "I've been doing focus groups for 15 years and I've never seen anybody get literally mad at ads before. Congratulations." He punched me in the shoulder and I raised my fists to the air as only a true champion could and then took it like a man as I listened to the stupid and the occasional, though I'm sure accidental, smart statement from these people as I tried to squish the head of this one woman who kept trying to move around commas and didn't like the color of one of the guys pants and decided to rip through the copy. She literally started having conniptions when the headlines were read. Conniptions! On the bright side it looked like, though they hated the ads, they defended the company and it's reputation, which pleased Mr. Client very much. So I think I'm about to have to redo a full campaign, perhaps from scratch, that goes into print in a matter of weeks, starting...... now!